Explosive Detection Dogs Were Rewarded for a Job Well Done!


Binigyang-pugay ang dalawang explosive detection dogs sa kanilang naging retirement ceremony sa Police Regional Office 11 sa Davao City

They too deserve to be rewarded for a job well done!

The value of highly motivated and well-trained narcotics detection dogs and their handlers cannot be understated.  The superior sense of smell of dogs, which is a thousand times stronger than humans, makes them a valuable tool and trained for (and because of) –

  • They’re Trained to Detect Target Scents
  • They Discern Scents Masked by Odors
  • Their Senses are Highly Accurate
  • Sniffing Dogs Also Serve Other Purposes
  • They Use Smell to Identify People
  • Various Breeds Suited for Detection Work
  • Detection Dogs Have Super Skills