We headed to Canlabung, Laguna for this mission. It took more than 1.5 hours to reach the location. We laughed at the experience now, but yesterday we were unsure if we’ll be able to get there on time. Just imagine an off-road experience but you don’t know which way to go. You can say, we lost our way to the clinic and were fortunate to avoid an accident when we reached a cliff.
Having a positive attitude helps to have to go through challenges or risks like this and all the hassle was taken away upon seeing the animals for vaccination and the opportunity of working with the commendable teamwork and hospitality of Secaspi Animal Shelter and their neighborhood. Everybody’s warm, courteous, and helpful.
As always, we are happy to collaborate with animal clinics, animal welfare groups/advocates in driving responsible pet ownership and pushing for a rabies-free community.
We aim to educate, end rabies to save the lives of animals and humans. Rabies vaccination is an effective way to prevent rabies-related problems. And our team, together with individuals/organizations reaching out to us are always ready to combat rabies related-problems.
Remember – Rabies is an incurable virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord. While it’s preventable and even treatable if caught early on, once the symptoms of rabies appear, the virus is fatal.
Thank you to Secaspi Animal Shelter for this collaboration. We look forward to working with your team again!