We’re sharing some behind-the-scenes moments we talked about after the event.  The excitement, fear, madness, tiredness, and laughter, all these mixed emotions, we normally had, after a mission!

We cheer, we celebrate after accomplishing a project as we know that our team was able to, if not save, make an animal happier and healthier.  We can only do so much and we are deeply grateful for all the support and love we receive from everyone who supports us for the advocacy that we are fighting for.

But, behind the victory are risks and challenges we take, bravely and whole-heartedly.  Words are not enough to express our gratitude to every member/volunteer of our team.  Their passion and dedication are immeasurable.  Possible injuries and medical emergencies that may happen despite taking proper procedures or precautions during the process. Veterinarians, trained members and volunteers with direct contact with an animal are at risk for exposure to hazards such as bite, scratch, kick, crush injuries, and get soiled with pee, stools, saliva, or vomit all at the same from an animal exhibiting anxiety, fear, or excitement.  May encounter physical injuries, zoonotic, and allergic hazards but everyone’s just doing an excellent job handling these cases properly and professionally.

These are a few challenges our team encounters during missions and that is also the reason why we have members and workers who received proper training in animal restraint, handling, and care.

NOTE:  Health and safety precautions are strictly observed.  Risk assessment and controls are always put in place and plans for “worst case” scenarios and emergencies are prepared.  We diligently have equipped workers assigned to tasks involving direct animal handling and care.